At TapRoot Partners, we combine our specialized knowledge, government experience and committed team of professionals to help bring your concept, project, or program to life. We build and operate a portfolio of innovative and efficient solutions to effectively link the public and private sectors - delivering cost savings to taxpayers and benefit to the marketplace.

As a management company, we operate the day-to-day logistics and direction of industry-leading programs while delivering the highest level of service. As consultants and a solutions provider, we are trailblazers in creating new solutions that benefit the public.

Since 1988, TapRoot Partners has worked with government, the private sector and nonprofits to provide management for both procurement and finance organizations. Our expertise has saved hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars, provided financing for public-benefit projects, and delivered operating efficiencies to public and private organizations.


We support public agencies’ ability to deliver quality services by linking private sector expertise and a competitive marketplace for public benefit.


For 30 years, TapRoot Partners has worked with national and local governments, private businesses and government associations with unwavering commitment to the Gold Standard Index. The Gold Standard Index ensures a commitment to quality service and support at the highest level in all aspects of business. It starts with saving taxpayer dollars, meeting the letter of the law, quality assurance and investing in innovation to grow the public benefit marketplace.


  • Delivering programs and solutions that best meet public sector needs, while adhering to the requirements of the law.
  • Standing by our commitment to deliver quality until customer needs are met.
  • Accelerating performance among diverse clients by aligning relationships to achieve results that would not occur on their own.
  • Providing value that extends beyond the primary interaction.
  • Investing in innovation to reduce end user costs, ease adoption and enhance integration, while minimizing the requirements of our partners.
  • Creating collections of expertise.
  • Serving as a trailblazer to identify gaps and deliver solutions that benefit the community, while providing value, efficiency and product/service effectiveness.
  • Aligning with nationally recognized criteria for performance measurements.